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Join us at Gateway Ranch for the Southwest's premier family-friendly multi-day music and arts event, dedicated to enhancing the performing arts community through skill-sharing, education, and empowerment. In collaboration with leaders in the flow arts community, the 2024 Southwest Flow Festival offers three nights of live music, fire spinning, flow arts, and aerial performances. Enjoy two full days of workshops designed for everyone from beginners to advanced performers.

Our mission is to expand the flow arts community by welcoming new participants and exposing them to the magic of flow arts. Expand your repertoire, elevate your skills, connect with like-minded individuals and meet new friends at the third annual Southwest Flow Festival!

Dre, Flow Artist 



Here's what to expect at Southwest Flow Festival 2024!

Daily Workshops

Join our incredible instructors for daily workshops catering to all skill levels. Explore poi, juggling, dance, acrobatics, aerial, hoop, contact staff, double staff, yoga, and more.

The Flowasis

Slide into the Flowasis for workshops by day and Flow Jams by night.

at Gateway Ranch

A 3-day camping event at a magical off-grid ranch. Be fully self-sufficient with your own food, water, shelter, and gear for warm days and chilly nights.

Nightly Galas

FRIDAY: Fire & Flight Show - Featuring talented aerial and fire spinners.

SATURDAY: MOPS Gala - Be mesmerized by our top object manipulation and movement instructors.

SUNDAY: Flowcase Finale - Sign up to be the featured artist and showcase your skills.

Healing Sanctuary
at the Temple of Life

Offerings such as massage, sound healing, and acupuncture.

Family Circus Zone

A dedicated area for families to enjoy flow arts together, with activities and workshops tailored for kids and parents alike.

Open Fire Circles

Enjoy 24 combined hours of open fire circles. Bring a can of white gas to contribute if you plan to spin fire.

Community &
Personal Development

Engage in activities designed to foster community connections and personal growth.

the Flow Community

Reconnect with the flow arts community, meet new friends, and share your passion for movement and creativity.

Musical Support

Experience an incredible lineup of musical artists providing the perfect soundtrack for the festival, featuring Asadi + XYE, dela Moon, Josh Teed and more!


Daytime stage with easel painters and graffiti artists showcasing their creativity, plus more space to flow, meet new friends and get creative!

Prop Vendors

Explore a variety of flow props available for purchase, and try something new to enhance your skills from Arizona’s favorite festival fenders, including Rave Circus and Fire Mecca!


The exact schedule and artist lineup are subject to change leading up to the event. Please check back frequently to view the updated schedule of events and performance lineup.




Friday Headliner
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dela Moon is a resident and organizer of the Moontribe Collective, whose legendary full moon gatherings have long been at the core of Southern California’s underground electronic music scene. Her fiery sets under the full moon birthed a new generation of dnb-lovers and cemented her place in SoCal’s dnb scene. She is renowned for her mutli-genre range which bridges the dnb, bass music, techno, and festival scenes. Drawing these progressive influences into each environment she faces, her sets are infused with energy and raw emotion that surpasses the thresholds of any single genre.


dela has released original music on PlayMe Records, Digital Structures, Onset Audio, Street Ritual, The Rust Music, Muti Music, Shadow Wulf Recordings, 40oz Records, The Gradient Perspective, Inquiry Records. Desert Trax, Archon Records, High Vibe Records and Momentive Recordings.


Over the years, she’s played at at renouned events such as Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Nocturnal Wonderland, Bassrush, Lightning in a Bottle, and Lucidity in Southern California, Symbiosis, Serenity Gathering, and the Untz Festival in Northern California, the Oregon Eclipse Festival, Okeechobeee Festival in Florida, Sonic Bloom in Colorado, Shambhala Music Festival in Canada, Fusion Festival in Germany, Rainbow Serpent & Earth Frequency Festival in Australia, Outlook Festival in Croatia, Boom Festival in Portugal, PsyFi in the Netherlands, Tribal Gathering in Panama, The Great Convergence in Egypt, Noisily Festival in England, Pangea Festival in South Africa and with other Southern California crews like Psytribe, Terrakroma, Incognito, Compound, 6AM, Subtract Music, Momentive, and Synaptik Events.

SATURDAY Headliner
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Weaving soul touching, intricate melodies together with experimental sound design, Josh Teed's music is an experience unlike any other.

After 20+ years with a violin in hand, the producer and instrumentalist is aiming to break down the barriers between electronic and instrumental music by bringing his unique blend of hard hitting bass and outside the box violinistry to ears around the world

Sunday Headliner
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ASADI is a Persian-American Electronic Music Producer & Performance Artist from Columbus, Ohio. He is known for his rare middle eastern influence and impressive performance ability. In the studio, his knowledge in the land of Persian Composition uniquely activates a sense of timelessness that the world can resonate with, and his instruments play a strong role in illustrating such emotion. They include the Persian Setar, Persian Tar, Persian Daf, and Italian Mandolin. He brings these delicate sounds to life when performed with his drum machine, in which he effortlessly triggers his entire rhythm section completely live on 16 electronic pads. ASADI’s artistry derived from a lifetime passion in writing songs, first learning piano at the age of 5. In high school, his parents gifted him with a drumpad and some persian instruments he never knew existed. This flipped a switch and birthed the 10 year voyage to who he is today. From his diligent hustle on social media, from a thousand hours of perfecting is craft live, and from the constant desire to create truly extraordinary music, a precious die-hard following has inevitably grown to represent the sound of ASADI Worldwide.

Xye emerges as a pioneering figure at the nexus of music and fine art. A luminary in both domains, she seamlessly transitions from the canvas as a gifted still life painter to leaving an indelible mark on VR's most prominent Triple AAA games, from Stress Level Zeros BoneLab to
Ubisoft’s Prince Of Persia.

As a first-generation immigrant of Greek, Russian, and Armenian descent, her music and art reflect the rich tapestry of her heritage, weaving tales of grief, war, love, and the quest for meaning in life.

This summer, Xye embarks on her first world tour, spanning 25 cities, where she will unveil her highly anticipated solo debut album, "The Kingdom Of Xye." A master fusion of genre-bending Dark, Classical, and Electronic sounds.

Fueled by a passion to inspire change, provoke thought, and amplify the boundless potential of women, Xye continues to redefine the landscape of music and fine art with what is possible if you dare to dream.

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