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Southwest Flow Festival 2024 dates announced! JOIN US SEPTEMBER 20-22.

2023 was one for the books

Thank you all for contributing to the incredible experience of SWFF 2023!

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As the echoes of Southwest Flow Festival 2023 fade away, we're left with a heart full of appreciation for each and every one of you. Your presence, energy, and shared moments made this event an unforgettable celebration of community, growth, connection, and of course, the flow arts.


Through your participation and willingness to share your skills and knowledge, you helped create an event that was nothing short of spectacular. Together, we created a safe and nurturing space where we could all thrive and learn, and wove a tapestry of experiences that will be cherished for years to come.


To everyone that attended SWFF 2023, thank you for being part of this extraordinary gathering of talented individuals. The exchange of techniques, the collaborative spirit, and the sense of camaraderie were the true essence of SWFF. Your contributions and dedication to the flow community have left an indelible mark.


Until we meet again, may the flow of life guide you on your path. We hope to see you all at SWFF 2024.

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Flagstaff, AZ  |  Gateway Ranch

SEPTEMBER 20-22, 2024

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